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Praise for From the Wheelhouse

"Active and retired tug skippers tell their stories. Includes tales of the steam tug era, everyday life on the boats (including some great, monotony-relieving pranks), the challenging weather; mishaps, rescues, salvages and the 'unexpected.' Dozens of great photos of the tugs and crews al work. Highly recommended!"
-Western Mariner

". . . excellent archival photos and just the right amount of detail and variety in these records of tugboating to capture our interest. . . . a charming review of a world that is very much part of the West Coast . . ."
-Martyn Clark, Victoria Times-Colonist

"Step into the lives of the industry's most colourful characters and greatest heroes as well as ordinary captains and crew. [Armitage] captures the romance, danger and day-to-day experiences of a sector of the marine industry that most people know little about."
-Pacific Yachting

"It is a beautiful book, lovely and well done."
-Barb Pope, Mulberry Bush Books

"Doreen Armitage, a Vancouver-area boater and writer, knows how tugboat captains, deckhands and engineers keep their cool in cramped quarters, dangerous waters and dodgy weather."
-Vancouver Sun

"Whenever a historian is also a good storyteller, you can be assured that an excellent book will result. From the Wheelhouse is a good read."
-Coast Reporter