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A Nightwood Editions title, distributed by Harbour Publishing

ISBN 13: 978-0-88971-348-2
ISBN 10: 0-88971-348-0
5.5 x 8 - 96 pp
September 2018
CAD$18.95 • USD$18.95

Bec and Call

Short-listed: The Fiddlehead Poetry Prize (New Brunswick Book Award) (2019)

Book Description

Rife with colloquialisms, irony and a healthy dose of sass, the poems collected in?em>Bec and Call refuse to be silent or subtle; instead they delve into the explicit, the audacious, the boldly personal.?em>Bec and Call subverts the notion of female sexuality as male appeasement, the French wordplay in the title using the meaning of “bec”—a kiss, mouthpiece or beak—to complicate notions of compliance and submission. The roles of Acadienne and feminist come with the responsibility of speaking up, and?em>Bec and Call is a means of vocalizing the societal?em>dérangement of Acadian culture amidst the difficulties women encounter as a result of rape culture and anti-feminism.

These poems are fearless and precise in their aim, but are not without a sense of play:

Menstrual synchrony’s a bitch in a household of women: some sheets

never see the line, endometrial tissue Javexed and tumble-dried.

To captains off-duty, solariums are wheelhouses. Antique

binoculars magnify songbirds, deer and that one black squirrel.

Close the blinds to neighbours.?em>Girl, you’re bodied, full-bodied,

embodied. I am the stuff of hand-me-downs in garbage bags.